Friday, August 21, 2015

Building My Castle.

The winds, they come.  The waves, they peak.
The shores, they wash away.
But even so, I know, I know, I build it anyway.
For crystals fine with amber glow, the beauty pulls me in
For I've not seen such tenderness with every grain of sand.

One tiny speck of powder that glistens in the night;
You'd think it held no power, no purpose or no might.
For at the perfect moment, the sea will swell with pride
And rush to shore with no remorse for swallowing my prize.

I used to be afraid of what would happen if I built.
Would my castle, shaped with love, ever truly count?
For every moment, each detail, so intricately placed
My heart sees beauty in the build-ing, knowing what I face.

But for the joy set before me, the quest for loving deep,
No soul can know how deep the love of Him who beckons me.
To build my castle in the sand for only Him to see
So He can wash upon the shore of this, my offering.

So many deeds, my works, my faith, my fears and even failures
Are often overlooked by some. To Him they are the placements
Of each and every granule that would represent a gift
Born of my heart to make Him proud, His name for me to bless.

Not all will see my castle.  Not all will know my toil.
Not all will know my heartache or the burden I have borne.
Except the sea that knows my God.  It waits for His command.
And with great pleasure He directs, " Waves! Lift up your hands!"
They reach for my small treasure, not to knock it down,
But spread the love of "building up" to everyone around.

So take my castle, One I love
For you own all my sand.
And may I build, oh make me build,
With what is in my hand.

"We kept at it, repairing and rebuilding the wall.  The whole wall was soon joined together and halfway to its intended height because the people had a heart for the work." -Nehemiah 4:6 MSG


Unknown said...

Totally needed this. Beautiful thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Dee Dee - I sit here with tears and a bit of laughter at the beauty of your thoughts. You HAVE set this to music, right? ~Kathie

Unknown said...

Beautiful. You are so talented, my friend! I look forager to more!