Friday, June 29, 2007

God of Wonders

I'm singing this weekend at church and it's always a blast...unless I'm soloing. That makes me nervous. So I've been a little anxious this week, trying to get my music learned and convincing myself to be brave. As I was singing the lyrics, "God of wonders beyond our galaxy," I had a moment. I was singing to the God of the universe who is infinitely bigger than I could possibly imagine, and to try and gain a better perspective, I googled the galaxies. It was amazing! There are galaxies upon galaxies that are millions of light years away from us, some of which we will never see the light of. Some have stars that are 3 times the size of our sun, and Earth is just a fragment of the heavenlies that God created. I am a microscopic speck of the world He created, yet in all His magnificent-ness, He genuinely cares about me. In fact, the miracle is He dwells in me. The God who spoke the universe into being lives in me. It's silly that I (tiny, tiny inhabitant of the globe) would think that the Creator would be concerned about my insecurities, but He is. He is amazing and if the sweetest gift I can give Him in return is to sing about His wonders, then that is what I'll do. And how could I not? My world is spinning in His hand and the very breath I breathe is because of His ingenuity. He sustains life as we know it, spinning the globe every 24 hours, not too close to the sun or we would burn up; not too far from the sun or we would freeze. The gravitational forces have to be precise or we would float away and yes, He does all that! So I'll be singing this weekend...with all my heart, "The universe declares Your majesty! You are holy...holy!"

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Here I Am

O.K. Friends! Here I am! I have taken the plunge and am now diving into the world of blogging. I hope that I do not terribly disappoint you with my uneventful life, but now you will be privy to much personal "sharing". It's late and I need my beauty sleep, so this is the best I could do. But Girls (you know who you are!), I have reluctantly met your challenge...for now! Woohooo!